Dakota Capital exists for one specific reason: The risk profile of shareholders does not align with the opportunities of a business. On the one hand, the shareholders seek to reduce risk by realizing all or part of the value created for estate or retirement reasons. Conversely, the Company’s prospects for acquisitions, equipment deployment and market entries require funding. This divergence creates many different complications. Dakota Capital, by being growth oriented long term, investors solves the risk/opportunity issue by providing all the capital for transactions under $50.0 million and all the junior capital for transactions over $50.0 million.

Our Approach

Priorities are the road map of a business. They ultimately determine the direction and the velocity of decisions and actions. At Dakota Capital, we strive to understand the priorities of a business with careful attunement to the seller’s needs and desires. With this knowledge and understanding, we craft solutions that address the emotional and economic issues that propel transactions.

The next step is to understand the desires of the Company’s customers. What are their priorities, how are those priorities changing and how does the Company align itself to fulfill the customer’s expectations.

Typically, it is a priority and expectation of the seller and Company to close a transaction in a timely manner with as little disruption as possible. Our ability to conduct smooth and timely transactions is a hallmark of Dakota Capital. Our complete provision of capital enables us to eliminate other institutions’ layers of due diligence; thus, expeditiously concluding the transaction.

After closing a transaction, we strive to build upon the Company’s success and implement world class operations. We encourage our companies to acquire operations, enter new markets, develop innovative products and deploy state of the art equipment to capture the opportunities at hand.

Dakota Capital specifically contributes to a Company’s success by providing valued added resources that facilitate competitive advantages. Many times, a middle market operation cannot afford a state of the art technology infrastructure. We utilize a high end technology platform for our operations in customer relationship management, financial software, web based application infrastructure and data mining. Another valuable resource is our intellectual capital that identifies, assesses, and solves problems that may impede the performance of a company.

Our concluding role serves as a facilitator to support and counsel the entire management team to optimal success. We create a partnership with management by providing substantial equity and offering steadfast support – listening to the problems and celebrating the successes.


Sales: $10 – $100 million

Location: Continental USA

Earnings: Trailing twelve month Earnings before Interest, Taxes and Owners Compensation (EBITO) in excess of 10% of revenue and greater than $2.5 million

Type of Business: Manufacturing and service across a wide variety of industries

Situations: Recapitalizations, management buyout, generational changes of ownership and corporate divestitures

We do not invest in: Retail, oil and gas, apparel,  real estate (except as it relates to an operating company), natural resources, turnarounds, distressed companies or startups

Other items of interest: Quality leader in the Company’s segment, diverse customer base, largest player in an identified market